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New Rental Policy Changes as of 25 February 2019 – See Terms & Conditions Below

Camera Electronic is Western Australia’s number one photographic rental outlet. We carry a large range of DSLR, medium format, MFT camera bodies & lenses, video cameras, plus lighting & studio accessories.

Why rent with Camera Electronic? Renting provides you with the option to use specialised equipment for that particular project you are working on or local trip you are about to take. If you’re from the Eastern states, save yourself the effort of travelling with your gear and rent from us before you embark on your West Australian adventure.  

In addition, if you are considering buying a new piece of photographic equipment, you have the opportunity to try before you buy. Rent any item and if you purchase the same item within 7 days you will receive a full refund on your rental costs, and if you purchase within 14 days you will receive a refund on 50% of the rental cost.  

All of our rental equipment is thoroughly checked and serviced to ensure it is in optimal condition.
If you have any specials requests or needs please let us know as far in advance as possible.

View our current rental pricelist and see the Rental Policy and FAQ below.

Terms & Conditions


 “We”, “Us”, “Our”               Camera Electronic Service Co. Pty Ltd (ACN 008 747 831).

“You”, “Your”                        The person or people named as the Customer on the Rental Agreement.

“Rental Agreement”            The forms and contractual documents relating to the renting of the Rental Equipment by you from us. These forms and contractual documents include but are not limited to; Standard Terms and Conditions of Trade of Camera Electronic Service Co. Pty Ltd (ACN 008 747 831), “Rental Out”, “Rental In”, “Tax Invoice” and “Customer Rental Application Form”.

“Rental Equipment”             The item and or items you are renting from us that are listed on the Rental Agreement.

“Balance Due”                      The tax invoice issued by us to you for the Rental Equipment provided by us for you to use for the agreed duration calculated using our most current published pricing and includes any deposit that we require you to pay.

“Damage Deposit”               The pre-authorisation charge of $500.00 that we charge to your credit card.

“Good Condition”                The Rental Equipment must be returned by you to us in the same operational and aesthetical condition it was collected by you from us.

By signing this Rental Agreement, you are entering into a legal contract and you accept the Standard Terms and Conditions of Trade of Camera Electronic Service Co. Pty Ltd (ACN 008 747 831) and the following:

  1. All of the Rental Equipment is in Good Condition at the start of the Rental Agreement date.
  2. All of the Rental Equipment will be returned by you in Good Condition by the end of the Rental Agreement date.
  3. You will pay us the full amount of the Balance Due and the Damage Deposit as expressed fully on the Rental Agreement upon delivery.
  4. You agree to us keeping a full record of your credit card details in our records for the term of the rental period in accordance with the Privacy Act.
  5. Pre-authorisation credit card must be in the same name of the person signing this contract. The credit card must not be a pre-paid credit card. We do not accept debit card. Debit card is not a credit card.
  6. For all customers a deposit equal to 100% of the full value for the replacement of the Rental Equipment must be paid by credit card before the Rental Equipment is removed from our premises at Camera Electronic Management Discretion.
  7. We will reverse the Damage Deposit in full if all of the Rental Equipment upon return is in Good Condition by the end of the Rental Agreement date.
  8. If any item of the Rental Equipment is not returned to us within 1 hour of the end of the Rental Agreement, you agree for us to charge your credit card immediately or thereafter for the full value for the replacement of the Rental Equipment. If we cannot charge your credit card immediately in full for the full value for the replacement of the Rental Equipment you agree that you will have illegally appropriated our Rental Equipment without our consent, and this this will result in the criminal theft of the Rental Equipment by you. Alternatively, we may at our discretion charge you a late fee equal to the excess period of rental that you are in possession of the Rental Equipment
  9. If any damage occurs, the Damage Deposit pre-authorisation will be completed and we will retain the Damage Deposit. We will also charge you for the balance of our costs for the loss or damage caused to the Rental Equipment and you agree for us to charge your credit card immediately or thereafter for the full balance of our costs to compensate us for the loss or damage caused to the Rental Equipment.
  10. All extended rentals will require the deposit to be paid in full on a credit card. When the rental is returned the deposit will be refunded to the same credit card.
  11. We reserve the right to retain the Damage Deposit if any of the Terms & Conditions of this Rental Agreement have not been complied with.
  12. All Rental equipment is to remain in Western Australia
  13. Rentals are not to be used in any underwater conditions
  14. Overseas and Interstate rentals are available upon request and via approval by Camera Electronic Management.
  15. ID check must be presented before your first rental. These must be original documents and include two forms of photo ID (Western Australia Driver’s License and Passport) and proofs of address (Including Western Australia Drivers Licence plus Utility bill and your Mobile Phone bill).
  16. We require you to deposit your valid Australian passport with us whilst you are in possession of our Rental Equipment. Non-Australian valid passport holders will be required pay a deposit equal to the full value for the replacement of the Rental Equipment.
  17. This contract and Driver’s License will be required for every rental.


What do the Day and Weekend rates consist of?
A day rental is our shortest rental period and covers a period between 3pm on the pickup day and 11 am the next day.

Rentals can be picked up any time after 3pm only (unless pre-arranged) and must be returned before  11 am of the return day (unless pre-arranged). Weekend rentals can be picked up after 3pm on a Friday (or between 10am and 1pm on a Saturday) and will be due back before 11am on the Monday.

Weekend rates are a single charge at 150% of the day rate.

What happens when the equipment is returned late?
Late returns will be charged at the full day rate for each day late, until returned. The charge will occur at 9am if equipment has not been received or an arrangement has been made.

Is there a charge to cancelling a booking?
When a booking is cancelled within a 24 hour period of the rental day, a single day charge will apply.

How often do you test and clean the rental equipment?
All gear is tested as we’re getting it ready and again as soon as it is returns. This includes sensor cleans on camera bodies and any other general cleans if it is needed.
If equipment is particularly dirty on return a cleaning charge may apply (beach sand is a popular culprit for this).

Do you rent out memory cards?
Memory cards are delicate and reasonably easy to corrupt if used incorrectly, we cannot trust them to be reliable after multiple rentals and do not hire them out. We do however, stock a huge range of memory cards for sale from SanDisk, Hoodman and more.

How long will collecting the equipment take?
For first time rentals we recommend allowing about 30 minutes for us to enter you in our system, check over identification etc. After this first rental, pickup will take less than 10 minutes (unless you’re making changes to your rental order). When possible, we test, pack and invoice all rentals the day before pick up to ensure a quick turnaround.

Can you show me how to use the equipment I am renting?
We don’t provide a training service, however we can share with you our knowledge in other ways. To make up for not always being available for showing you how to use the equipment we are currently working on and will be introducing online tutorials and in store demonstrations. We also have an extensive range of workshops available throughout the year through Camera Electronic as well as our affiliate, Shoot Photography Workshops. Please feel welcome to subscribe to our newsletter and follow our updates via social media. 

What is the deposit stated in your terms and conditions and when will it be refunded?
We take this deposit as security in case an item is damaged on a rental. It must be held from a credit card only, no cash, and is a ‘pre-authorisation’, meaning the funds are not taken off but just held for the duration of the rental. This will be cancelled in the hours following the return of the equipment in good condition, giving us time to check and test all functions.

Please do take into account, the cancellation process of the pre-authorisation is managed by your issuing bank and the process to release the funds may take up to 10 business days. This is due to the delay in communication between our EFTPOS terminal, our bank and your issuing bank. If your funds have not been released by 10 business days, please contact your issuing bank.

I’ve rented before; do I still need to pay the deposit?
Yes, this needs to be paid in full for every rental. There are no “special cases”.

Do you provide rental interstate/overseas?
Overseas and Interstate rentals are available upon request and via approval by Camera Electronic Management

Can rental equipment be shipped out to me?
Unfortunately we have previously had some bad experiences with this so all rentals must now be picked up from our Stirling Street store.

Can my friend pick up and drop off the equipment for me?
All rentals must be in the name of the person collecting the equipment. Please ensure all of the required identification is supplied. All rentals must be returned by the person who rented the equipment.

In the terms and conditions, it says consumable batteries are my responsibility, what does this mean?
Although we do our best to send out batteries in flashes, radio remotes etc., we recommend to buy spares as we cannot guarantee they will be fresh when you pick up the equipment. This only applies to items which take AA, AAA, CR2, watch batteries etc. All camera and lighting batteries will be fully charged when you pick up the equipment.

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