Sony FX3 Full Frame E-Mount Cinema Camera

Product Highlights

  • DCI-4K video recording up to 60FPS
  • 15+ stops dynamic range in S-Log3
  • Dual base ISO of 800 and 12800
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Rental Rates

$150 Per Day

Day rate: 24-hour period. Pickups any time from 9:00-5:00. Rentals returned by the same time at the end of the hire.

$225 Weekends

Weekend rate: Collect after 3pm Friday and must be returned by 10am Monday.

If you have not previously rented from us please see our full Terms and Conditions which contain details regarding security deposit, I.D. requirements and full terms and conditions of the hire. It is essential that all customers read this first.

Weekly rentals prices start at $600per week.

Pickup Date
Dropoff Date

Professional & Compact

The Sony Cinema Line FX3 brings professional film-making tools into a compact hand held design. With a unique cage free body users can enjoy a variety of mounting options directly to the camera itself. The built-in fan ensures all day shooting and the removable top handle provides professional XLR audio inputs as well as 3x additional 1/4-20 UNC mounting points.

Optimised for Right Hand control
Frequently used keys located on the top face enables easy thumb operation.
Other controls to enable convenient right-hand operation e.g. MENU button, focus magnifier, etc. Customizable REC button on the front of the camera for easy recording by a solo operator

Uninterrupted 4K 60p Recording*
The FX3 combines a fan for active cooling with a heat dissipating structure for passive cooling to efficiently cool the entire system and prevent heat buildup so that recording will not be interrupted by thermal shutdown. The cooling system effectively removes heat from the image sensor and image processing engine, allowing uninterrupted 4K 60p recording without thermal shutdown*.

16-bit RAW recording
16-bit RAW output is in 4264 x 2408 (16:9 aspect ratio) resolution, easily covering 4096 x 2048 DCI-4K. Frame rates of 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, or 24p can be selected as required. The FX3 can simultaneously output 16-bit RAW video while internally recording XAVC HS 4K/XAVC S 4K / XAVC S-I 4K as well as recording proxy files.

XLR adaptor with digital audio interface
The supplied XLR handle unit adds two XLR audio inputs to the FX3, enabling high-quality audio recording. Camera settings provide a number of audio recording formats, including 4-channel 24-bit recording. The available formats are 48 kHz/16 bit/2 channel, 48 kHz/24 bit/2 channel, and 48 kHz/24 bit/ 4 channel.



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